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Ryan Kent is the SNUBA® Program Coordinator on Kauai.  Ryan and his wife Rebecca purchased SNUBA® Tours of Kauai from Kevin Cram on January 1, 2020.  Kevin began his Kauai Hawaii based SNUBA® business in 1991 and has recently decided to retire from SNUBA®.  Though Kevin misses the water, local students are now lucky to have him as a teacher.  Ryan worked as a SNUBA® guide for Kevin in 2016.  Ryan has also worked on a Dive boat in Cozumel Mexico and has been all over the Caribbean.  Ryan is a Dive Master and has had a love of the ocean from a very young age.  There is nowhere he would rather be than in the water.  Ryan enjoys introducing people from all over the world to the unique underwater experience SNUBA® has to offer.

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